The main focus of MTI Industrial Technical Safety Services is related to equipment requiring periodical inspection and certification governed by regulatory authorities.
MTI has extensive experience in certification, inspection and technical support of all types of onshore and offshore cranes, lifting devices and lifting equipment, forklifts and related equipment, pressure vessels, compressors, tanks, helifuel systems and document control.

For over 10 years the MTI technical team has been delivering engineering services related to cranes and lifting devices including:

Design and calculations, supervising, project management, technical documentation third party verification.

MTI use the following software as our design tools:

  1. Inventor 5.3 / 3-D
  2. AutoCAD LT 2002
  3. STAAD PRO 2001 (Calculation)
  4. Structural Analysis and Design Software
  5. MathCAD 2001
  6. Professional Section Wizard
  7. Fatigue Life Calculation Software

Our operators are experienced in a wide range of NDT methods.
MTI is approved as an NDT Test Centre by Nordtest.
Our services Include:

  1. Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

a) Company Approvals

             1. ASNT Level II
             2. AC/DC Yokes
             3. Fluorescent/Color Contrast

  1. Liquid Penetrate Testing
  2. Ultrasonic testing

      a) ASNT Level II
      b) Compression / Shear Wave

  3. Eddy Current Testing
  4. Radiographic Testing
  5. Visual Inspection

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