The MTI technical team is experienced in a wide range of industrial safety disciplines. We perform on-site industrial safety inspections, surveys, and audits that identify potential hazards, and then develop procedures and/or programs to eliminate or control the hazards. For new projects, we can provide industrial safety professionals to work with the project team in providing industrial safety services varying from reviewing designs and programs to auditing construction activities and work practices.


MTI can deliver general and custom made training as per our customer’s requirements in the following:

  1. Operators of all types of cranes
  2. Rigging & Slinging
  3. Safe use of lifting gear
  4. Forklift Operators
  5. HAZMAT, Dangerous Goods

Safety Training for Onshore and Offshore Activities such as:

  1. Sea Survival / BOSIET
  2. Basic Offshore Induction and Survival Training
  3. Life Boat Coxswain
  4. Management of Emergencies
  5. Fire Fighting
  6. First Aid
  7. Defensive Driving
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